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Professional Feature

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What is it that I am getting from this feature? What will it include? 

  A feature documents and portrays a unique individual's life by recording an audio interview and photographing the individual's workspace/studio/environment. Think of this feature as a small biography highlighting your passion, how you think , and what you value in your work/craft/art.


How will this feature benefit me? 

 Many people find it difficult to talk about themselves and explain who they are, what they do, and what matters to them in their work. A feature will portray who you are from an outside, creative perspective without the struggle of you having to spend all your time thinking up the best way to describe yourself. As I interview you, I will guide you through a series of questions, highlighting the interesting and important aspects of you and your work. Images speak for themselves. You and your space will be illuminated. 

How long will my recorded interview be?

Ten to Fifteen minutes

Can I request that you ask me specific questions about myself and what I do?

Yes, the interviewee is free to request and suggest that specific content be included. 

How many pictures will be included in my feature?

Up to twenty pictures may be included portraying you and your workspace/environment.